Sam Smith/Dr. Evil Cold Open — Saturday Night Live
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Dr. Evil (Mike Myers) interrupts Sam Smith’s (Taran Killam) Christmas special to address North Korea and Sony Pictures directly about the hack.

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Marvel vs DC Epic Trailer
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A conversation with my 5 year old daughter about Jabba The Hutt’s fashion ideas.

Animation by The Brothers McLeod

From ’Adam Buxton’s Shed Of Christmas’
First broadcast on @SkyArts at 9.30pm on Tuesday 16th December 2014 produced by Burning Bright

Heroic monkey: Monkey saves ’dying’ friend at train station in India
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A monkey saved the life of another monkey who fell unconscious after being electrocuted in India’s northern city of Kanpur on Saturday. Report by Andrea Lilly.

Is Santa Real? (A Scientific Analysis)
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…and other Christmas mysteries answered with science!
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Happy Holidays! Ever wonder how Santa could possibly manage to deliver all those presents in a single night? Or what gives red-nosed reindeer the ability to fly? And why do your Christmas lights get tangled in knots no matter how carefully you put the away?!

Here’s some Christmas-themed science, as our gift to you. See you in 2015!

Why Christmas lights tangle: “Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string”

Apollo 8 “Santa sighting”

Santa’s reindeer are probably female:

Reindeer hair is hollow and “buoyant”

Reindeer really do have red noses: html

Reindeer eyes change color:

Santa’s challenge (check my math!):

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Know Before You Fly
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Did you get a new unmanned aircraft for the holidays? Stay off the naughty list! Learn more: #KnowB4UFly

Needs To Be Said

A sincere thank you for all the memories leading up to 5 Million Subscribers. When I started my channel I never actually thought we’d reach this incredible number, let alone do it so quickly. The memories that we’ve made mean so much to me and I always want to make sure that they’re present in my mind. So thank you for everything you’ve done, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll do in the future!

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Astronomically Correct Twinkle Twinkle
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Expulsión a Alex Bolaños | Emelec vs Barcelona | FINAL | Copa Pilsener 2014
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