Type 056 Jiangdao Class Corvette - Chinese Navy - PLAN Guided Missile Frigate "Bengbu"

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Designed and built by Chinese shipyard CSSC (China State Shipbuilding Corporation) the Type 056 Corvette (Jiangdao class) combines a stealth design with modern weapon systems and sensors. Designed to replace the older Jianghu class frigates and Type 037 patrol vessels, Type 056 Corvettes are set to become the backbone of the PLA Navy with more than 20 vessels reported to be currently on order.
  • Ng JC
    Frigate tonnage my ass, and American shipyards are definitely more advanced
    than China's. Also, please stop using fake names
  • arsenalstx
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  • Jim Sia
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  • trent8002003
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  • Jerry Z
    lol the amount of hardware that China roll out in 1 year is more than the
    entire inventory of some of neighbor countries.
  • George Chu
    yup, everything China build is shit. stop looking at Chinese military
    videos. Go somewhere else. Why do you need to concern yourself with shits
    right? Don't mind China. China's no threat. Go pick on some other
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  • Jason Smith
    All the critics (losers) will say the same mean things; and then, one day,
    poof! - your notions of superiority go up in smoke. Those pictures show a
    very advanced, well put together warship, of frigate tonnage...let's see
    your average garage shop in the USA put something like that together...
  • Napoleon GODORNES
  • Ralf Zhang
    Compared to China, America is obviously the greater threat to world peace,
    with no doubt.
  • orangepeel dolan
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  • Drago Nevistic
    Chinese RD. Stealing western technology and making bad copies as fast as
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  • nathan forest
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  • 15thsquadron01
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  • Vostadues
    China: Prefer sort things out in meeting room, by means of money or power
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  • Jerry Z
    Correction, 054A frigate and 052C/D destroyers are the backbone of the the
    Chinese navy. This corvette is for coastal defense and easy maneuver in
    South China Sea. One Chinese Corvette has more firepower than anything in
    the Philippine scraps navy.
  • zqbu
    China is not like European nations which only need a few of ships. 056 is
    going to be built by dozens which makes the cost a very important
    consideration. Plus 056's mainly opponents are likely not going to be very
    advance ships, so it is more than enough capable to handle its job.
  • Budi Subiyakto
  • 惠元 胡
    Compared to China, America is obviously the greater threat to world peace,
    with no doubt.
  • DystaticStudio
    I see. And yea, my bad for typo. =D
  • TATARSTAN59500
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  • DystaticStudio
    What do you expect? It's not purposed for the stealth operation. Most of
    the modern naval vessel are only looking for low radar signature design,
    not stealthy construction. Under Chinese Naval doctrine they just need
    smaller vessel for sea boarder patrol to deal with small conflicts, for a
    bigger war 056 is definitely not joining it.
  • slateer55
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