Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Episode 36

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Episode 36
Cu subtitrare/ with subtitles.
Shahira 16.8.2012, 16:16
To the people who dont know, shyam is anjali's "woh" meaning pati meaning husband :D just thought id tell everyone.
Rahatt Sarwar 28.8.2012, 00:03
wrath hahaahahah bina puchay
Mampi Debbarma 11.12.2012, 16:30
only in tis show theaz diff music 4olmost evry charac......luv tem xcept the music tey play 4shyam....
Mampi Debbarma 11.12.2012, 16:40
kyaaa!!!!!humne khudse bina poonche brat rakh liya??????lol
Bilo Hamida 17.11.2012, 08:45
tu peux sous titrer en francais
farah deeba 21.12.2012, 10:26
yes its really only one show in my life i am watching again and again i am not able to come out frm this fantasy oh God help me
geetu grover 31.7.2012, 22:52
i luv this show
erica bee 13.11.2012, 08:11
gosh weres the eng sub??
Judite Barros 3.4.2013, 08:08
Where is the english subtitles?
komalsaini7july 5.12.2012, 09:15
Really!miss these old days. But now ipknd has came to an end. Now we can just wait for ipknd2
ObeySwagKash 9.10.2012, 22:09
muntassir rohomuthally 19.10.2012, 09:26
boraya137 24.8.2012, 02:53
wow arnav is looking younger and cuter ..its time he got a haircut ..
Smitha Radhakrishnan 16.12.2012, 08:58
kemi adennga 7.5.2013, 20:11
where are the subtitles this sucks
marco bello 6.11.2012, 07:31
l love kusi
Dassinee Sanassy 5.11.2012, 05:32
really very inspiring
erica bee 13.11.2012, 08:29
i hate shaym!!!! urgh hihi
Kiara Kutegurl 5.5.2013, 06:08
i hate this shyam....always staring at arnav's khushi....bloody stupid....
mehnaaz laik 27.8.2012, 18:50
Lol Arnav when ever he thinks about khshi his angerness lowers down im having a feeling the his going to like khushi and get married wow im thinking so ahead getting married and love just wil get boirng .............
Saman Qureshi 31.7.2013, 06:38
in dis apisod lavarnya looking so nice
bint kamal 26.9.2012, 03:24
hamshirap93 19.2.2013, 15:28
Yes farah completely agreed, same here.
Rahatt Sarwar 28.8.2012, 00:08
no food lol
Ripdaman Kaur 19.12.2012, 13:34
arnav's expression on closing his eyes and finding the live video in his mind is...........WHAT THE ........SO OUT OF HIS CONTROL!!!!

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