Prophecy In The News - Is America in Psalm 83

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Gary Steerman with Bill Salus on Prophecy In The News speak about Psalm 83 and if America is mentioned.
  • Steve Duplantie
    WWIII is right around the corner
  • listenupification
    GOD is love and the LORD is God the most high!
  • mykhaliasdad
    what bollocks you telling me America is Love are you guys HIGH?? God is
    love and his word is truth...
    starting wars, sodomy, you think America is blessed??
  • hawaii50th
    Yes that is so true, God is love. At the same time we are to be watchers on
    the wall and also try to win souls for the Lord by spreading the good news
    for others to hear. Read Matthew 13 the parable of the sower.
  • Dan Cotterman
    GOD is LOVE!!! That is HIS explaination of who HE is. Anything that goes
    against that is un-true. The Bible is all about GOD's love for mankind, and
    how we can be saved. Thats it in a nutshell. All else is just fringe around
  • picasa
  • hawaii50th
    The big picture is no fear if you know the true meaning of what is going
    on. As far as technology goes, there's good and bad in it. And as for
    Christ return, it is written that in those days there will be mockers and
    nay sayers that say there is no God. For the believer there is no fear.
  • Eileen Townsend
    I have written a book, in 2010, that brings more information to light on
    this subject that agrees with want is being said in the video. I have been
    meeting much resistance from the Chritian community because the information
    in this book goes against what they have been preaching for years. I would
    love to talk with you about this. God bless you and your ministry - Eileen
    Townsend 832-72-0061
  • mlemons1970
    Obama is the final king of the north(Grecia). He has stood up all of the
    armies that will come against Israel in the last days. The abomination of
    desolation. We are the sanctuary of strength and arms shall soon stand on
    his part and pollute the sanctuary of strength. Do not forget the woman was
    given the wings of an eagle that she might be taken out of the face of the
    dragon. This country in it's founding was lamb-like, but it is now speaking
    as a dragon. Much Love Michael