Paul Potts «Surprise performance in Germany»

This was shot as a surprise performance in Germany’s biggest shopping center.
The idea was to create awareness of Paul being on tour in Germany and to promote the release of his new album as well.
The audience loved it and Paul got a standing ovation. Clips and images of the performance were all over the web instantly and the viral was launched via youtube.
Steve Wrightington 12.10.2014, 18:50
God gave you an awesome gift Paul... You have a great voice ...
nuller2001 21.10.2014, 20:16
Thank good he dont sell mobil phones.. any more...,,,, 
Ryan Wehr 13.7.2014, 23:11
Music is better if someone is listening.
Baaru Joseph 3.10.2014, 11:49
finally bought the album ,its amazing all the songs 
Phayla Milburn 6.4.2014, 18:03
what a wonderful gift our father in heaven has given this man. I enjoy his voice and his singing. may God bless him for years to come. I would love to see and hear more of him.
Sarah Purnell 14.8.2014, 16:21
Beautiful xXx
Gajane Nelk 14.8.2014, 06:08
I got chills all over..
Cousin Vinny 23.10.2014, 18:53
josseph 22.10.2014, 14:07
amazing, can't hold my tears
Martin Keith 23.10.2014, 07:33
Beautiful the peace maker he is a star like the alexandrov choir (who he should sing with as a guest soloist) he could conquer any town with his voice
thach295 20.10.2014, 01:31
Such a wonderful rendition of this song, Ty for sharing this. I cried because that's how deeply those notes touched me. Ty again.
Nurirma Semsuddin 17.10.2014, 09:06
Paul potts ur the greatest god gifted shining an armour with ur voice keep ur fascinating be like a beethoven legend 
Clara Maria de Souza 17.10.2014, 13:36
*Emocionante, e a voz dele é um Dom Divino, presente do Altíssimo*! *Clara*
Stet Tan 1.10.2014, 20:07
Good god, Paul Potts sings with so much depth! Amazing!
Chaternal 20.2.2014, 22:28
What a bunch of robots! You do that here in Canada, there wouldn't be a dry eye in the place.
Mike Robo 10.10.2014, 14:47
Fucking religious arguments.... enjoy the music, god given or not!
jokez6890 2.10.2014, 10:45
What an extraordinary talent. This actually brought tears to my eyes. USA loves Paul Potts!
Gonzalo Moya 6.10.2014, 17:21
Este tipo realmente emociona...
Michael Martin 2.10.2014, 13:50
absolutely amazing
gideon van aswegen 3.10.2014, 10:51
wow, songs name, anyone? 
Edward Paez 27.6.2014, 13:33
he which theme song?
Bryson Clan 30.9.2014, 03:37
Wonderful. Too bad so many people were more concerned with capturing it on their smartphones rather than living in the beautiful moment right before them. They are completely missing out.
Keith Burgess 8.4.2014, 01:13
Doesn't he make it look so easy, no pressure what a brilliant job by a brilliant singer....made my day. now off to iTunes to pick up some Pots... :)
Sinvisigoth 19.9.2014, 16:06
I wish all singers of all kinds and level of fame would just do this. Not even to promote anything, just to surprise people and spread some beautiful music and words for people to enjoy without having to pay an arm and a leg to get into a crowded stadium to hear.
Jeff Phurm 24.9.2014, 16:55
I saw several people crying and no wonder it was powerful and beautiful!

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