Paul Potts «Surprise performance in Germany»

This was shot as a surprise performance in Germany’s biggest shopping center.
The idea was to create awareness of Paul being on tour in Germany and to promote the release of his new album as well.
The audience loved it and Paul got a standing ovation. Clips and images of the performance were all over the web instantly and the viral was launched via youtube.
Phayla Milburn 6.4.2014, 18:03
what a wonderful gift our father in heaven has given this man. I enjoy his voice and his singing. may God bless him for years to come. I would love to see and hear more of him.
terigower 28.11.2014, 08:28
Wow how amazing ...
discoveryman59 21.11.2014, 17:38
stunning voice.
Chaternal 20.2.2014, 22:28
What a bunch of robots! You do that here in Canada, there wouldn't be a dry eye in the place.
Sinvisigoth 19.9.2014, 16:06
I wish all singers of all kinds and level of fame would just do this. Not even to promote anything, just to surprise people and spread some beautiful music and words for people to enjoy without having to pay an arm and a leg to get into a crowded stadium to hear.
Joey Vallot 5.12.2014, 11:40
What a beautiful thing to see raw human emotion come together into one consciousness. All those people basking in their own conversation at each table, and suddenly they all become one whole unit resonating in a beautiful frequency. Glazed over eyes, and living love in the moment. Simply beautiful........ :)
Valdemir Pinheiro 12.12.2014, 12:34
Maravilhoso, brilhante, talentoso!!! Here, Valdemir, Amazon, Brazil, December, 12 2014
Stephen Timms 5.12.2014, 05:24
Whenever I feel in a reflective mood I play this video. Paul Potts has brought Opera to people who may not previously have considered going to a recital or concert. The reactions of the public are wonderful. Well done Paul! Classical Stephen
Ryan Wehr 13.7.2014, 23:11
Music is better if someone is listening.
Robert Gretczko 13.12.2014, 07:56
dazzlingly romantic and spiritual.
Baaru Joseph 3.10.2014, 11:49
finally bought the album ,its amazing all the songs 
Kevh1963 5.12.2014, 16:08
One of my favourite things on YouTube. When did the bottles of water behind him appear though? They weren't there when he started.
Ricardo Martins 8.7.2014, 08:22
how can anybody with a set of brains not enjoy this video? i mean, seriously?
Mike James 1.12.2014, 06:16
The man is unbeliveable, he can move grown men to tears with that voice, what a gift!.
nuller2001 21.10.2014, 20:16
Thank good he dont sell mobil phones.. any more...,,,, 
Ninja Flash 18.9.2014, 15:59
A humble man who brings the world peace when he sings. God bless you Paul Potts. You ROCK!
nickellicker 3.7.2014, 21:23
What an astounding impromptu performance in front of an unsuspecting crowd...
정동훈 17.12.2014, 21:36
What is this Music title?
Je Rda 25.6.2013, 21:56
Bellisimo, extremadamente bello, hasta las lagrimas.
bob murray 31.7.2013, 13:52
leaves you with goosebumps what a gift from such a regular guy.
Jason Knight 10.6.2013, 15:54
Walter McFarlane 30.8.2013, 15:36
Thank you David, I am not an an native speaker, Best wishes from Ireland Walter
fishyc150 19.7.2013, 10:43
They recognised him as he walked in, you can see the disbelief on their faces :-)
john murphy 27.6.2013, 21:13
I wait for Paul to tour the USA.
ManGek0u 24.7.2013, 11:28
no the 24 dislikes are from the people he beat in brittains got tallent

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