Amazing Memory Wire!

This is a special wire called Nitinol memory wire. It’s an alloy that «remembers» it’s original shape. You can set almost any shape that you want by using an extreme source of heat. After the wire cools, you can bend the wire into any shape but when you heat it, it will return to the original shape.

You can order this wire from several science websites. Just do a search for «Nitinol memory wire». It’s a lot of fun to play around with.

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Eric Borders 7.9.2013, 21:16
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Daniel Nava 19.9.2013, 19:56
Two forces are pushing each atherr
3xCoDN00BS 12.8.2013, 09:56
the last shape looks like pac man
iateanother guyscat 28.8.2013, 09:18
OtakuBishounengirl . 30.7.2013, 02:46
With the music and the slow-mo part fof the water, it seemed like some part in a horror movie xD
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Justena4ever 30.7.2013, 07:17
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Vijay Anand 14.10.2013, 16:09
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Jimena Alonso 30.7.2013, 02:43
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theminiman71 30.7.2013, 23:20
You really like PAC-man
amoghbrata bhattacharya 15.10.2013, 06:05
awesome now i dont have to spend money on the wireo gram
Gamakaze 1.8.2013, 13:22
I am going to go purchase some memory wire now. . .
Saim PORTAKAL 26.9.2013, 13:16
love pacman
virgel tinaco 12.8.2013, 21:12
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Ohm Zen 9.8.2013, 02:11
Nitinol Yay
TheGuyWithShotguns 24.10.2013, 19:57
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Selwyn McKinley 29.7.2013, 23:57
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晨 晨小龙 1.8.2013, 06:46
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Michael Thompson 20.8.2013, 23:28
Jonas Nerf 5.8.2013, 09:47
Gravedigga63 4.11.2013, 00:19
How.. How?
Gianni Rassias 1.11.2013, 18:37
Payam Net 28.10.2013, 11:25
Hey Guys add Me on Facebook! Look Look The wire is so cool!! What the F? Why We should add you on Facebook? Its a Nitinol Metal.. I think you missed your kindergarten - There is a game at kindergarten called: Nitinol Who ..... NAK NAK... and kids start learning the dual memory or single memory Nitinol ..Nak And Now after how many years you just find out about it? -You are so exited But sorry Every ones know about this metal. Good luck!!
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