Amazing Memory Wire!

This is a special wire called Nitinol memory wire. It’s an alloy that «remembers» it’s original shape. You can set almost any shape that you want by using an extreme source of heat. After the wire cools, you can bend the wire into any shape but when you heat it, it will return to the original shape.

You can order this wire from several science websites. Just do a search for «Nitinol memory wire». It’s a lot of fun to play around with.

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Hasan Palanci 13.12.2014, 17:25
Borderlands 3 Confirmed 1:25 :D
NeonNomad99 28.1.2015, 05:42
The soundtrack reminds me of those Submachine point and click games.
Ruben 16.10.2014, 19:18
How much time does "memory" last?
urenda573 1.2.2015, 09:46
It's called nitinol not "memory wife"
Videogameguy909 23.12.2014, 10:31
You just earned another well deserved subscriber. Keep up the great videos!
Lutty Suonimul 7.2.2015, 21:39
TheRealSmiley 15.12.2014, 20:28
r u a wisrd?
Vikas Karade 24.2.2014, 11:42
Make the video little more scientifically simple rather than mystical, before they name it a God wire :d
rowan blanchard 13.1.2015, 07:45
unvelibable experiment
Kamel Boutcho 10.1.2015, 22:05
Albert Falck 17.1.2015, 15:41
holy shit.....
OnFew 2.11.2014, 22:20
batman is so happy
Tahu Stars 4.1.2015, 01:08
Artur H 27.9.2014, 18:17
This is not fake. I have a wire like this since around 1982. But it stopped doing it's think after 10 years.
Abubaker Adam 8.1.2015, 11:38
Check out this video on YouTube: سحر الكيمياء
DiamondGuy 555 28.12.2014, 16:05
Is this for real?
BadBoyChocobo 26.1.2014, 11:37
Memory Wife
Dániel Kovács 14.12.2014, 12:39
i could not made
Z.M.L Channel 30.11.2014, 19:01
Isaac Hernandez 8.1.2014, 01:41
Ctrl + Z xD
Tinkster Trollerino 6.2.2014, 17:54
sour lemon Lime 1.1.2015, 18:01
Its sience
Tea Okumura 17.4.2014, 16:22
Mj Z 14.10.2014, 11:35
@ brusspup theres not a end for you!!! :B
yuo sure like pacman

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