Amazing Memory Wire!

This is a special wire called Nitinol memory wire. It’s an alloy that «remembers» it’s original shape. You can set almost any shape that you want by using an extreme source of heat. After the wire cools, you can bend the wire into any shape but when you heat it, it will return to the original shape.

You can order this wire from several science websites. Just do a search for «Nitinol memory wire». It’s a lot of fun to play around with.

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Ruben 16.10.2014, 19:18
How much time does "memory" last?
OnFew 2.11.2014, 22:20
batman is so happy
matthew alexander 17.10.2014, 05:38
Hùng Đỗ Thành 4.10.2014, 08:38
Artur H 27.9.2014, 18:17
This is not fake. I have a wire like this since around 1982. But it stopped doing it's think after 10 years.
Suraj Ramchandran 4.7.2014, 05:53
Tyler McCoy 22.10.2014, 00:47
Done by heat
Mj Z 14.10.2014, 11:35
@ brusspup theres not a end for you!!! :B
Kostas90013 18.10.2014, 04:20
01:20 Pacman
Luka Katchutas 23.6.2014, 18:17
y du u post bad viders u edit evrything disslike
Nicolai Laustsen 8.10.2014, 14:38
it is real we did it it physics class
kushinilowe Lowe 11.10.2014, 16:41
pavolon 10.10.2014, 18:14
Amazing! Feels like its alive
Vrej Egon Spengler 7.9.2014, 11:59
Is this a nickel and magnesium alloy?
Luka Katchutas 23.6.2014, 18:15
fffffffuuuuuu this doesnt work i did it and it failed your the worst person ever dislike i hope you die in fire 
Will Elliott 23.8.2014, 11:31
actually its real, look it up, memory wire
MGlBlaze 22.5.2014, 06:17
So a candle flame or boiling water counts as "extreme heat" in the realm of metals now?
XOXOXO Kyleigh 6.8.2014, 04:26
I guess that's why they call it Nitinol memory wire!
Chanda Pandya 31.7.2014, 01:32
Its nitinol wire
Tinkster Trollerino 6.2.2014, 17:54
sdg3d 18.11.2014, 13:49
nitinol, so simple.
MystiXash 19.7.2014, 01:04
i saw this effect in Paper Clip These are just wires made up of Nitino
Simple physics. This is not surprising
Tea Okumura 17.4.2014, 16:22
Galih Santosa 24.6.2014, 21:25
It is nitinol wire 

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